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Dont catch the Rooster

Sometimes new beginnings don't have a means to an end. However, a favorite quote of mine is, " Freedom without structure is its own slavery". -David Brooks

Song of the day:

"Rooster" - Alice in Chains

Goals for today- stay alive

Morning- I have already yelled at two people, It is only 9:36 am. I am back on my lithium. Made me sleep all day yesterday. So I am screaching for the rooster cry. Not happy Missing my d.o.c. (alcohol).

Trashman is here to pick up the garbage. Hopefully he cam pick up the bullshit I just ran with to start my day.

That is is one thing I have learned in the program, I can always start over. I dont have to continue. July because I already beginning to redig the hole, doesnt mean have to continue.

Gratitude for today: April 6, 2023

Walk with me in Thy will today,

Thy will be done,

not mine.



Be Bold, Be Courageous, and just be.

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