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Garden Hoes & Plant lovers wanted!

Garden Hoes & Plant lovers wanted!


For y’all who are novice to gardening and plan to start this spring,

I wanted to educated you a little before you start.

1. First, Great Job!

Being outside, and in the garden with your hands in the ground is so great for your mental health. Connecting with nature creates grounding so you can gain an electromagnetic charge from Mother Earth.

2. Go alfresco- spending time outside on a glorious sunny day elicits a son a smile and warms the soul and there’s a good reason both the fresh air and sunshine do wonders for a mental well-being even so Americans on average spend only 10% of their time outdoors.

3. Every year countries spend millions on lawn pesticides to have uniform lawns of non-native grasses, and we use 30% of the country’s water supply to keep them green.

4. Invest in native plants for sustainability, trade seeds, your local library has seeds for sharing, join plant stands to share plants and make new friends, & have fun!

Permaculture and going native is ideal for sustainability and to keep our ecosystem a float.

5. Pesticides kill our most beloved friends, the bee. 🐝

Humans will not survive if we kill off bees. We need them to pollinate our food!

Many pesticides are extremely toxic to honey bees and other beneficial insects. Honey bees are attracted to blooming flowers of all types. If at all possible do not spray blooms directly with pesticides. If the bloom needs to be sprayed, apply the pesticides in the evening hours.

-If you must use a pesticide-

Etoxazole is a selective miticide effective against most plant-feeding mites, but fairly safe for most predatory insects and mites. Etoxazole is practically nontoxic to adult honey bee

5. Last & most importantly,

Just Keep Planting!

Planting seeds, cultivating and the process of fostering new growth is a beautiful process for every aspect of life!



Be Bold, Be Courageous, and just be.

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