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Goal Setting

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things". - Albert Einsetin

The importance to goal setting, is to guide and navigate to where we want to go.

If we don't have any direction or goals to keep, then our days are lived without purpose and intention.

Having intention and setting goals gives life greater meaning and purpose, increases happiness, and gives structure to decision making and prioritizing.

This year, in 4 short months, I have lost 40 pounds, maintained full-employment, created this website and blog, started as a registered artist at Imagine Art in Austin, Texas, and maintained sobriety. All of these things would not be possible or have happened if I did not set out goals.

Each month, I set new goals to achieve and keep me on track to success. I review the previous month's goals, determine where I need to allocate more time and energy achieving the one's I did not achieve, but do not want to give up.

This is an incremental step to achieving goals. Reviewing periodically, whether, its weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, having short- term goals and long-term goals is important. Setting goals, big or small, promotes independent thinking- a key component to finding happiness.

It is important to set goals that are authentic to you. You will never attain happiness by comparison or trying to implement other people's goals. Setting goals that are specific to your values, interests, and what you personally what from life helps you think independently and freely and allows you to be the person you want to be. You are the only person that can attain your goals, so make your goals unique to you. You gain a strong sense of responsibility and ownership of your successes and failures.

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals:

"Plan ahead, or plan to fail".


your goals

Regardless of your goal's size, journaling your progress, your challenges, and how you overcome obstacles is a helpful exercise to keep you engaged in the process. Journaling keeps you accountable and provides you with a sense of responsibility for your successes and achievements. It also helps you take the goal more seriously. Merely thinking of a goal but not taking the extra step of writing it down can make it far too easy to not take it seriously- or to forget about it.

There is no accountability if you don't write it down. And once, you slide on your goals, there is a tendency to completely give up.

Do yourself a favor. Write 10 goals you would like to achieve this month!

Ready set go!

Here are my goals for April 2024

  1. Write a blog post daily

  2. 30 min of yoga daily

  3. 6 miles walking/jogging daily Lose 10 more pounds this month- I am currently at 180. My goal weight is 160. I am 5'10.75'

  4. Cultivate healthier relationships- spend time with those who praise and support my success & sobriety

  5. Finish My DWI Intervention class with success

  6. Complete Probation successfully

  7. Maintain sobriety

  8. Continue my 4th & 10th steps of inventory

  9. Run 3 miles without stopping by April 30,2024

  10. Book flight to Charleston, SC to see family

  11. Sell 3 pieces of Art at my Art Show April 20, 2024 "Pancakes &Booze"

  12. Get business cards

  13. File EIN number with state of Texas

  14. Maintain structure daily

  15. Continue eating vegan (I have slipped, but keep it 80 vegan/daily (yogurt/ice cream/chocolate)

Happy goal setting, ya'll! Cant wait to see your achievements and goals this month!


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