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"What is the Connection Between Justice, Morality, and Equality?"

Morris Ginsberg, wrote one of literary's favorites, "On Justice for Society". I have held on to to the copy and even have it taped it together, because it outlines how, " the power of thought, is greater than any other human power".

Control other's thoughts.

Make them compete against one another, so they don't see the truth.

Del Veccio's theory bring the notion of 'otherness' alteritas', leads to others having the notion of equality.

In David Hume's Treatise of 1739, it states that nothing is ever so present to the mind but its own perception.

"The mind can never exert itself in any action which we may not comprehend under the term, perception; and consequently that the term is no less applicable to those judgement, by which we distinguish good and evil. "



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