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Otherwise known as a " supernatural phenomenon", is defined as a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

I remember going to church with my Grandparents at those evangalist churches and the pastor would pray in tongues and people would start fainting. That was what was first descriped as a miracle to me. The Holy Spirit was so powerful that the person being prayed over literally would lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

I was very confused.

I still am.

What is more confusing is the churches that try to brain wash us to give them money and claim they are a representation of Jesus and The Father, and Holy Spirit and then be completely fraud only to scam millions of dollars out of people all well telling others how much God Loves them and they are robbing not only people's pocketbook's but their souls completely. Maybe that is the point?

As much as I am against organized religion, I do believe in God and a higher power. There is no other explanation of my existence to this day after the multitudes of scenarios that I should of died. I was shot at, thrown out of a car, overdosed and had seizures, walked out of more car accidents without a scratch then I can put on two hands, and scenarios that are not coincidences. God wants me here. I used to get mad about it. But with each day I start listening to the inner voice, more miracles happen. Doors open up. People show up. Reach out. And unconditional love is poured onto me. The feeling is so overwhelming that I get goosebumps also known as God bumbs and start crying. I see him through people everyday. Today a lady told me God bless me. Normally my nose crunches up up when I hear that because I find it condescending and picture baptists telling others, "oh, God bless you." Almost like a fuck you in a southern kind of way. But today it felt different. Then she handed me a little heart shaped jewel and a card. The card had her with my mascot from college, Boko the Bobcat. I smiled and thanked her. God shows up in my life when I am open to his love. He shows up and does not give up on me. Relentless, unconditional ,and miraculous love.

Today, I am thankful for God, for people, and for my life.

I am thankful for forgiveness, grace, and miracles.


Don't let this fire dwindle, I am the ember you can't put out.

Ember Alert.

Ready or not here I come.





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