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The Ends, Biden's Stairway to Heaven

"Newspaper stand, we press the issue

We ain't sendin' shots, we launchin' missiles

Right up at your hood up north

Checkin' Third Ward, I'm goin' mental

Fuckin' up my room, I've been rackin' up incidentals

Cookin' on a tune, I been cheffin' up instrumentals

Nothin' else to do when you're ridin' in the

When you ridin' in the, in the back of the back seat

Driver run the miles up like I'm runnin' a track meet

Gotta watch my back now, cause these niggas at me

All black in a Benz when I pull up on you

[Hook: Travis Scott]

They don't want to see me in the ends, in the ends

Let me catch you creeping here past 10, in the ends

My choppa check-a-hoe like Indian"



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