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"Kaleidoscope Jesus"

What does kaleidoscope mean Bible?

The word combines three Greek words: kalos (καλός), meaning "beautiful," eidos (εἶδος), meaning "shape," and skopos (σκοπός), meaning either "watcher" or "thing looked at." So a kaleidoscope is, literally, beautiful shapes to look at.

I recently went to the LAUREN DAIGLE-KALEIDOSCOPE TOUR 2024 w/ special guests Blessing Offor,Victory Boyd.

The entire tour was amazing!

Check out this song, by Lauren Daigle, "Kaleidoscope Jesus"

It was amazing, and “Kaleidoscope Jesus” | by Lauren Daigle is my new favorite!

Lauren said she named her tour to help our spelling with challenging us with the word kaleidoscope. Then she went into further explanation of what the truth behind the word, "Kaleidoscope" means to her. She said she wanted something colorful and vibrant and of wonder, like when she was little and she would look into a kaleidoscope there are so many different shapes and colors and when you hold it up to the light, at that very moment is a beautiful perspective of how God love's us. He shines his light on us and each of us is different and makes a beautiful masterpiece when put together.



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